Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Hi everyone
We are a team of mother and two daughters. We are all artists, but specialize in different areas. We believe that anyone can create art, and love sharing our art with others.

Ruth (or Mom) specializes in capturing a moment in time using pastels, oils or watercolor. Kathy is a Polymer Clay Artist specializing in pens, beads, hair accessories and business card holders. She also makes jewelry. Andrea, a graphic designer, is in the process of starting a business of designing custom photomontages/collages from multiple photos and images. She also designs printed materials. We will be posting our websites for you to visit very soon!

This month we will sponsor an invitation only exhibition. We will send the same photo to each artist invited to participate in the exhibition. Artists will have a month to work on their interpretations and submit them to us. By February 5th, we will post the original photo and each artist's interpretation for you to enjoy. You are invited to participate by leaving constructive criticisms/critiques. In the future, we will have an open exhibition challenge each month.

We also invite you to come back throughout the month to read our art journals.

Blessings to all!
Ruth, Kathy & Andrea