Monday, February 8, 2010

Polymer Clay Entries

These are my entries into the exhibition. I used the colors in the eyes to make items. It was suggested by Andrea that I make an eyeball wine bottle stopper - really cool idea. However, to make it look really good, I would have had to paint the blue and black parts. I might still do it, but I was really looking to use just polymer clay. Here is my wine bottle stopper. I had it at a craft show on Saturday - it was the wine bottle stopper that everyone picked up. (It is one of my favorites too!)

I created the lighter pen for the contest. I created the darker pen to sell. However, when I showed my pens to Andrea, she thought that the darker pen was for the contest. Now that I look at them, I see Kristina's eyes in both pens. The lighter pen remind me of her eyes when she was a child looking up at me and saying "Tandy! Tandy!" ("Candy! Candy!"). The darker pen is more like her eyes now that she's all grown up.

Hope you enjoyed!

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