Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eye See You See Art Exhibition

Hi Artists!
January has come and is almost gone....zooooom!  Where did the time go?

There are only 3 more days to get your art piece submitted for the first monthly EYE SEE YOU SEE Art Exhibition.  If you would still like to participate, the image of the month is, yes, you guessed it, eyes!  These beautiful eyes belong to my niece, Kristina.

As a review, this month, the rules are:

  • Please use your style and medium of choice.
  • the image size should be in a dimension ratio of 3 wide x 1 high ( i.e, 3" x 1" or 6x2"  9x3")
  • Each submission must be emailed to us in a digital file. Please send a photo or digital file of your art  to fit into a 800 pixel x 800 pixel square, saved as a JPG.  If the image is not square, the longest side should be 800 pixels. 
  • With your submission, you must include your name, and an email address.
  • Your submission will be posted to the EyeSeeYouSee art blog. And this month's submissions will be used in the blog banner.
  • Submissions are due by Feb 1, 2010, so there is still time!!!
  • Click here to submit your art file

Looking forward to seeing the results!

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